So your partner is experiencing some form of perinatal distress?

This can be a very confusing and confronting time for men individually and also put significant strain on the relationship.

Nick offers male clients the opportunity to up skill in the area of care, when they are attempting to support a partner with depression or anxiety. Particularly as it relates to the addition of a new baby or to perinatal distress.  

Utilising the latest research, online support, and an easy to use tool kit, Nick encourages men to learn better ways to support their significant other in a non confrontational and supportive way.

Sessions are conducted weekly over a 4-8 week period. At the conclusion, clients will have a better understanding of what is happening to their partner, their relationship and their new family. These sessions are designed to help heal misunderstandings and get the relationship back on track.


To book a session please call (02) 9002 1340 or email